About Itrix Tea

Itrix Tea was founded and developed by Niro who was born and raised in the enchanting island of Ceylon, world famous for their tea gardeners. With his unique vison he longed for a cup of refreshing tea that would leave him feeling active, happy, and healthy. After many long weeks of countless trial and error, he finally was able to produce a blend that did so.  Using both fresh hand-picked tea leaves along with fresh spices from the island Itrix tea was born.

Itrix Tea was a hit since it’s first day selling to its customers. Form its distinctive pyramid shaped packaging to the fresh tea blends inside, customers have been quick to pick up Itrix as soon as it was available. As an excellent daily tea for energy, weight loss and overall heath Itrix makes an excellent addition to your kitchen as well and an amazing gift to give to the tea enthusiast in your life.